College Stress: What Parents Should Know About Student Depression

College students are usually under a lot of stress. They face overwhelming challenges, pressures, and anxieties. This is pretty common especially for those college-bound kids transitioning from high school to college. They need ample time to adapt to their new environment and changing schedules. They might feel homesick at times as they adjust to having roommates, making new friends, and trying to belong to a group.

Dealing with all these changes in addition to the pressure of juggling academic workload is the main stressors that can cause depression. According to the American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment, the rate of students diagnosed with depression is increasing. There were 22,000 students questioned at 48 schools and the result of the survey showed 36% of the students had difficulty functioning in school because they were so depressed. read more

You Wrote a Book – What Now?

By 2016, based on current trends, 50% of the books available online and even offline, will be self published.

How will this happen? Simple. Print on Demand technology has already progressed to the stage that even the big traditional publishers are using it – which means, yes, now we’re all equal.

Plus, distribution networks are now seeing that there is money to be made stocking and distributing self published books – as long as the writers are diligently involved in their promotion. read more

The Right Time to Write

Anthony Santoro writes that now, more than ever, writers and artists need to become involved in writing and publishing their books.

For a keen amateur writer, it can be hard to put pen to paper and muster the energy to write a book from start to finish while stuck in a 9-to-5 work-rest-work schedule.

Writers are faced with more than just the rigours of day-to-day existence, too. For example, very few writers that embark on the journey of writing a book actually finish it. Of those that do complete their stories and have completed manuscripts, fewer still will publish them. Of those that do publish them, few will make a full-time career out of the craft. read more

Self-Publish Your Way to Success

There are many compelling reasons to self-publish rather than go through a traditional publisher.  Here are nine!

1. You can enjoy the benefits of ‘published author’ status sooner rather than later

Being a publisher author rather than simply a writer with an unpublished manuscript can mean career acceleration, prestige, wealth and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.  You can literally go from ‘unknown’ to ‘expert’ over night.  All of a sudden you are in demand, with people wanting you to sign their books, speak at their events, write articles on your subject and be interviewed on their shows.  With this newly established credibility you can begin holding seminars, commanding consulting fees, travelling the world speaking, being interviewed by media and of course selling lots of books.  All of this is very achievable with self-publishing.  What’s better is that it can happen in the immediate rather than distant future. read more

The Real Gains of Literary Competitions

Any talk about literary prizes invariably leads to a discussion about money. US$10,000 is given for the Pulitzer Prize, £30,000 for the Orange, and Booker Prize winners are almost always asked what they will do with the money even before they take home the £50,000 cheque. However while a monetary reward is sufficient motivation for most writers, there are other (although perhaps not as obvious) benefits of literary competitions, particularly for those entrants with less experience.

All writers struggle at times to fill the blank page, but for many emerging writers battling problems of writer’s block comes second to fears of having someone else read their work. They are often hesitant to enter competitions, fearful that their work will not be able to meet the high standard required. Yet for many writers who have taken the plunge and entered a literary competition, the gains to be had from having an objective and a qualified person read their work can be far more valuable than any prize money. ‘It was the first time that I’d shown any of my writing to anyone else,’ says Jess Baikie, one of the winners of the John Marsden Prize for Young Australian Writers last year, ‘and it gave me the confidence to share it with others and improve it’. read more

Buyers guide for personal loans

If you are shopping for a personal loan then refer the guide for personal loans as this will help you by informing you all you need to know about the personal loan. These personal loan guides will help you with tips and suggestions about the ideal personal loans, and will also guide you to get them fast. A personal loan guide is an essential tool that is written by experts in the field of personal loans, these guides are easily available online. If you need a loan for long term or  a short term, if you are unable to decide the type of interest rate(fixed or floating) or if  you are confused between secured and unsecured personal loans these guides will work on your behalf and offer the exact type of service that you are looking for. read more

How Student Loans Can Ease Your Financial Burden

Student life can be hard, especially if you have limited funds for your college tuition. This is an issue many new and old students alike face. Finance increases the burden that so many students are already facing by just being in college or university.

Many organizations, especially the government understand the dilemma with which students are confronted. Getting proper finance to further your educational goals is essential. It is also beneficial for the country as a whole, as educated individuals are required to run a prosperous country. read more

10 Proven Ways To Get Traffic From Pinterest

The online sources are being used for the marketing and sales. Most of the online users are using various sources and protocols to have interesting results. Among the best web traffic generators the name of Pinterest is very common.

get traffic from pinterest 10 Proven Ways To Get Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest is a reputable source where online bloggers and website holders can get assistance for the web traffic increase. Remember, it is very important to enhance the web traffic with the passage of time in order to get more money from online world.

Below you are given some interesting tips to use the Pinterest for web traffic increase. read more

How to Write Effective Article in Less Time

Many blogger spent their too much time in front of computer to create a effective article or  single blog post. Really, you must need to write effective and genuine article if you are freelance writer or an article marketer.

In this article we listed few things you should do when you begin to write an article or blog post.

#1. Research before writing:

This is the first step to writing killer article. A little research before writing a article will help you to make your blog post more effective. you need to use Google adwords tool to find what people are searching for in the web. By research , you also make your article longer and genuine that people love. read more

Why Internet Marketing Is Important For Your Business

The internet has become a vital part of each and every person’s life; at present people prefer foregoing traditional media and get the required information through internet.  Therefore it is very important to use the internet as a marketing tool to promote your business worldwide.

Internet marketing is by far the best method to promote the products and services over internet. It includes different strategies such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, video marketing and much more. All these different strategies have shown fruitful results to most of the business owners who are, at present, considered the top brands. read more