Twitter for business – how to do it (Part Two)

In the last post we looked at the basics of Twitter. We also looked at some fundamentals of how it can be used to turn your small business into a successful small business.

Using it to find out what people are saying about your company, for example, is effective. Using it to spam those same people to death is not.

The first post showed how you can spread news, seek help, and generally share ideas on Twitter.

But we don’t always have news, and we don’t always need help. This leads to the hopeless Tweeters first mistake. read more

Twitter for business – how to do it (Part One)

Twitter is fast becoming one of the most essential small business applications. Period.

This series will help you to take your use of Twitter to the next level. We’ll start with basic stuff in this post, and then head on out to the wilder, untamed parts of TwitterWorld.

With this guide at your fingertips, you should be fine. Take what you find here as pretty much the real deal. I know what I’m doing, but it hasn’t been easy. It’s taken time, but I’ve got a healthy account at Twitter now.

It is hard work though. And it involves integrity of the highest order. If you think you will be able to use the following  information to find out how to palm off a ‘millionaire maker seminar’, or to turn on ‘an automated money-making machine’ you will be disappointed. read more

7 Amazing Destinations That Are Perfect For Women Traveling Alone

It is great to know that, nowadays, we women can travel as much as we want and can afford by ourselves. There is no need to ask for approval or companion as it used to be before.

Still, many of us will feel unsafe in certain locations, as not all countries are on the same page when it comes to women rights. Others seem to be, but not really when it comes to practice.

So if you are planning a trip on your own, and want to know which are the most amazing destinations that are perfect for women traveling alone, here is a list of x options for you. read more

Organizing Lesson Plans for k-6 grade

Social studies is not really an enjoyable subject and actually not for elementary school students! Studying dates and facts and recalling names of kings, queens, cities and towns and so on isn’t something young children would typically wish to do. However, it’s really important for the future leaders to find out about their history, culture and the working of society and the globe. The best thing a teacher can do to make certain that youngsters like the topic is to come up with social studies lesson plans that include certain established strategies to make the subject more engaging. read more