The Right Time to Write

Anthony Santoro writes that now, more than ever, writers and artists need to become involved in writing and publishing their books.

For a keen amateur writer, it can be hard to put pen to paper and muster the energy to write a book from start to finish while stuck in a 9-to-5 work-rest-work schedule.

Writers are faced with more than just the rigours of day-to-day existence, too. For example, very few writers that embark on the journey of writing a book actually finish it. Of those that do complete their stories and have completed manuscripts, fewer still will publish them. Of those that do publish them, few will make a full-time career out of the craft. read more

Self-Publish Your Way to Success

There are many compelling reasons to self-publish rather than go through a traditional publisher.  Here are nine!

1. You can enjoy the benefits of ‘published author’ status sooner rather than later

Being a publisher author rather than simply a writer with an unpublished manuscript can mean career acceleration, prestige, wealth and opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.  You can literally go from ‘unknown’ to ‘expert’ over night.  All of a sudden you are in demand, with people wanting you to sign their books, speak at their events, write articles on your subject and be interviewed on their shows.  With this newly established credibility you can begin holding seminars, commanding consulting fees, travelling the world speaking, being interviewed by media and of course selling lots of books.  All of this is very achievable with self-publishing.  What’s better is that it can happen in the immediate rather than distant future. read more