Organizing Lesson Plans for k-6 grade

Social studies is not really an enjoyable subject and actually not for elementary school students! Studying dates and facts and recalling names of kings, queens, cities and towns and so on isn’t something young children would typically wish to do. However, it’s really important for the future leaders to find out about their history, culture and the working of society and the globe. The best thing a teacher can do to make certain that youngsters like the topic is to come up with social studies lesson plans that include certain established strategies to make the subject more engaging.

It’s a good idea to present all the information in the subject in a pictorial format for the kids till 3rd year of elementary school, after which they will be snug reading text. However, from fourth grade onwards, field trips to local museums or libraries where they can see exhibits and relate them to the lessons learned in class will certainly help in keeping the topic interesting and help the kids in learning. Social studies lesson plans should also make room for requiring the students to work in small groups and come up with a role-play or an easy performance about the subject being debated. Not only will it help them learn the relevant information, they will basically like doing it!

For the part of social studies that deals with the working of society, it is best to have the kids interact with folk working in professions such as city administration and such like. This can give them the chance to understand better their classroom information. Moreover, social studies lesson plans should allow scholars to relate the topic to the recent stories, which, at an introductory level will be useful for the older students.