7 Amazing Destinations That Are Perfect For Women Traveling Alone

It is great to know that, nowadays, we women can travel as much as we want and can afford by ourselves. There is no need to ask for approval or companion as it used to be before.

Still, many of us will feel unsafe in certain locations, as not all countries are on the same page when it comes to women rights. Others seem to be, but not really when it comes to practice.

So if you are planning a trip on your own, and want to know which are the most amazing destinations that are perfect for women traveling alone, here is a list of x options for you.

# 1 – Barcelona, Spain

Considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Barcelona will make your heart beat. Especially if you like art and culture, you will be delighted by so many exquisite masterpieces displayed in their streets and parks – as a large number of Gaudi’s artwork is there.

The nightlife is also very vibrant, and the Spanish cuisine will never leave your mind when you get back home. You will have plenty of affordable and delicious choices when you decide to try a paella with sangria, for instance.

# 2 – Seattle, United States

Seattle is very used of people eating and drinking by themselves, so you won’t feel weird if you are in the same situation. And if you love coffee, that is the best place to be. In Seattle, you will find a bit of everything to do, and you will be happy when you realize can do find all that you need within walking distance.

Plus, if you like luxury and top class places to go, Seattle won’t disappoint you. The city is famous for showcasing what is trending without losing its own charm and traditions. So if you are looking for a modern town but with a strong personality, you should add Seattle to the top of your list.

# 3 – Munich, Germany

Yes, we are talking about Oktoberfest’s hometown. When traveling to Germany, forget about Berlin if you want something more authentic and unique. Munich will give you all the atmosphere that you need so to feel that you are back in time and enjoying a truly German countryside experience.

If the period is convenient for you, and if you love to have fun, make sure that you will be there for the Oktoberfest – you won’t regret. And, don’t worry, because it is safe enough even for women traveling alone if you keep one eye on anyone who drinks a bit too much. But if you prefer peace and quiet, still consider Munich as a destination, as its charm will enchant you.

# 4 – Copenhagen

The town of the Little Mermaid is a Nordic city that you should give a try. We are talking about a modern capital with so much to offer that you will find hard to choose. Whoever loves design and architecture will be amazed just walking around on the streets, and if you love bikes will be delighted by their perfect cycling system.

Culturally, Denmark is also a country that highly respects women rights so that you will be well respected there. It is also very safe to walk around by yourself. The only time that you might feel like screaming is when you have a look at the prices, because everything is quite expensive over there, especially for tourists.

# 5 – Ottawa, Canada

It is true that when we think about going to Canada, we usually think about Toronto or Vancouver. But here I am telling you to have a look at Ottawa attributes as well. The capital of Canada will surprise you with the traditional Changing of The Guard ceremony happening in the same town where modern buildings can be seen everywhere.

And if you are looking for fun, don’t forget to visit the Byward Market, a gathering place for restaurants and clubs at night. And it is also there that you will be able to enjoy the best shopping and farmer’s market experience.

If you are a student, don’t forget to finish all your papers and homework. Also, make sure that you check the top websites that can probably help you in it.

# 6 – Auckland, New Zealand

What about trying something closer to nature and as magical as it can be? Then choose Auckland, New Zealand, as your next destination, and don’t forget to pack for an adventure. Because, yes, you will have access to full infrastructure as you can find in any other big city. But what you really want to do when you get there is explore their fantastic parks and wildlife.

Auckland will give you several options for an unforgettable time, from discovering its rich culture and history, relaxing by their beaches, and enjoying long walks into their forests. And the best thing about it is that the city counts with all that you need to do it safely – just contact one of their tourism agencies or guides, and make the most of it.

# 7 – Iceland

Iceland is so amazing that is impossible to choose just one town – you are going to have to explore the entire country. And the idea is that you go there as soon as you can, so to find the place at its best. As you might know, the number of tourists heading to the island has increased since people started seeing its beauties on Game of Thrones TV show.

Volcanos, lakes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields are just a few things that you will find there altogether. And you are bound to find everything incredibly gorgeous. Plus, if you go at the right time, don’t miss the Aurora Borealis. And if it happens that you get tired of the outdoors, just head to Reykjavik, and enjoy the best of their nightlife.

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As you can see, there are several options waiting for you around the world. Each one of them will offer you their unique characteristics and charm – so you can choose the one that better fits your personality and your travel’s expectation.

But the best thing about them all is that you can enjoy them as a woman traveling solo. Of course, you still should take the usual precautions. But, besides it, all you have to do is enjoy your time away from home. Have a good trip!