Twitter for business – how to do it (Part Two)

In the last post we looked at the basics of Twitter. We also looked at some fundamentals of how it can be used to turn your small business into a successful small business.

Using it to find out what people are saying about your company, for example, is effective. Using it to spam those same people to death is not.

The first post showed how you can spread news, seek help, and generally share ideas on Twitter.

But we don’t always have news, and we don’t always need help. This leads to the hopeless Tweeters first mistake.

Many new Tweeters feel they have to tweet, simple as that. Every few hours. Every other minute.

This leads to pointless tweeting, or boring tweeting. Worse still, it leads to tweets about baking cookies.

Baking cookies

You can tweet about baking cookies if you like, but you will have more chance of being read if you’re famous and you’re baking cookies.

If Madonna baked cookies and tweeted about it, she’d get retweets and comments. Her baking method may well be analysed. It would be cool, funny. She may even get a book deal out of it.

But you? No one cares about your cookies.

No one cares about your day, how you get to work, your favourite music.

But they care if you are interesting.

So find stuff that you know your audience would be interested in, that they would find useful.

This means staying away from coookies. And quotes too.

The nightmare that is quotes

I personally hate quotes. I have had tons of advice from people about using quotes on Twitter. The general messaqge is simple. If you use quotes, people will read your stuff.

This, in my humble opinion, is nonsense.

I think I have used a quote once in the time I have been on Twitter. This has done me no harm. Much better to give your followers stuff that you have thought about, or items of news and industry specific pieces that you know that they will like.

So forget the quotes. They don’t work. Not for me anyway. I read them and I might think ‘that’s nice’. But I never think I want to get to know the Tweeter more. That never happens.

I want to know Tweeters more if they say somethig that is useful, funny, or thought provoking.

So, to sum up…


  • industry specific stuff
  • funny stuff that you have come up with (as in your own take on news etc.)
  • good advice that you have found or you have come up with

That is more than enough to be getting on with. In fact, if you just Tweeted the above, you’d start getting followers soon enough.

Remember, no cookies, or quotes.

And definitely no quotes about cookies.

Until next time, work smart.