How To Make Them Believe In Your Writing

So, you manage a blog. Moreover, you write posts for it by yourself. Do you want your readers to trust you and believe all the information you provide? Some of you may call it manipulation, but we can’t see anything wrong in convincing writing. And we don’t speak here about convincing anyone in order to lie or sell anything, because we are interested in another aspect! You should be able to interest your reader, and give him exactly what you want to give. We think you’ll agree that every blogger wants to be an authoritative source! So, what tricks can you use to make your audience believe in your writing?

Professional language

If your blog is devoted to some particular niche, it will be natural to use professional language which gives the impression of you being an expert at this field.

But be very careful here if you can’t call yourself a skilled specialist. If you are a newbie, it will be very easy for experienced and really qualified person to understand it. So, it would be better to use simple words and expressions while describing some facts you are not sure with.

Facts and good examples

Don’t forget about mentioning some facts in your posts, as it’s impossible to argue with that.

A good analogy works the same, even if it is not a fact; that is why try to give examples. Anyway, there is no need to give them when you tell about something obvious and unnecessary to prove.

Bright details

A texts with many details described works very well. Details give an impression that you were there, saw and heard everything that happened by your own, and not just read about it. This is not a technique to lie people, this is about a technique to tell everything in a “delicious” manner. The audience likes such texts, and if you have a blog about cooking or travel for example, never forget adding bright and beautiful pics to your posts. Then your blog’s visitors will become your constant readers very soon.

Your own experience and authoritative opinions

A link to an authoritative opinion is often instantly removes questions about loyalty of your position or opinion, and it can always be a good argument.

A reader also believes your personal experience and example than something abstract, so try to tell about our own experience. This is especially important when you write about making money online for example, or any other very specific things. It’s one thing to read an article with some general overview, and the other one is to see that the author really knows what he is writing about.

Your competence

A straightforward statement of your highest competence does not always look good and correct, so, it must be done wisely. For example, do not write anywhere that you’re a super driver, it is better to mention something like this: “10 years ago, when Schumacher came to me for advice …”. This trick must be understood correctly – just mention the fact that really took place; see the item No. 2 mentioned here – just facts (at least something that no one will be able to deny)!

Negative experience also works

It is good when sometimes you write about your failures too in addition to positive experiences and achievements. It makes you look like a living real man, and it doesn’t take your authority away! The main thing is not to overdo with this.

Drawings, diagrams, statistics

Charts, graphs, and other similar stuff work like a magic here. Everyone who is involved into presentations perfectly knows this fact. If you want to convince someone – prepare more charts, graphs and drawings, they will do the job! Many bloggers attracted people’s attention with very “sweet” reports about their earnings on the Internet. The more numbers you have – the more likely you’ll interest a reader, but don’t get involved in this with no reason.

So, that is it. Use these techniques, and they will believe you as much as they believe themselves. Just do not cheat anybody, as described above has been written to make your truth look attractive and not boring for readers. Well, we think you’ve understood us right!