Blog Commenting: How to Get More Comments on your Blog

Do you know? If content is king, then comments are queen. Both are equally important in blogging. Do you want to get more comments on your blog.

Here we listed 5 simple unique method to attracts more comments on your blog.

blog commenting guidelines Blog Commenting: How to Get More Comments on your Blog

1. Allow comments on your blog

If you want to get more comments on your blog , you need to make it easy for readers to leave them on your posts.

  • Do not require your readers to log in or create an account to leave a comment.
  • Spread the link love by allowing readers to share their name and web address.

2. Reply to every comment

Seriously, you need to shows new readers that you care about comments, encouraging them to leave one too. Be a good host: be more polite and forgiving than your visitors. Obviously, that will often lead to more comments and repeat visits.

3. Invite readers to comment on your posts

if you want more commenter on blog , firstly you need to invite them. Remember when you posted your very first article and begged your friends to read it and comment? It works even better now that you’ve got some friends who actually know what a blog is!

Try ending each article with an interesting question, or invitation to connect.

4. Ask For Help

Most readers are happy to look your question up in google and give you some resulting tips in a comment.

5. Write quality & useful content

“Quality over quantity” must be your main objective. Before publishing anything, just make sure that your blog content is as typo-free as possible. Always try to write something meaningful for your readers that will keep them coming back for more.