5 Ways to Make Your Blog Post More Readable

make your post more readable 5 Ways to Make Your Blog Post More Readable

Writing readable article is more easier than you think. I would like to provide you with some unique tactics which you can do to make your blog post more readable and enjoyable to your readers.

1. Engaging introduction:

When you start writing an article, you need to structure your blog post having an effective introduction, a body and a conclusion. your introduction is main idea of your article that you are going to discuss. It only takes few seconds for your readers to decide if the content is going to be useful for them or not. So, you should make it clear and effective to improve your article readability.

 Your conclusion should be contain a short summary of your whole article.

2. Make your article coherent:

Keep short paragraph for organising your idea. No one want to read a huge chunk of text. use one separate paragraph for explain one idea. Make your idea clear and logical. If you suddenly jump from one topic to another, you make your readers confused.

3. Use sub-headings:

You have only three or four seconds to capture the attention of your readers. Using sub headers is one of the professional way to make your article more readable. They give your readers an idea on what it’s going to be about and skip your readers on main topic. so make your headings clear and understandable.

4. Use images:

Quality pictures in blog post grab your readers attention and make text look friendlier. Images speaks thousands of words. Many people irritate during surf that kind of blog having no any images in articles.

5. Spacing:

Using more white space is a visual trick and make the content easer to read. space helps add emphasis to statements. More white space means neater pages and easier reading. Don’t forget the space surrounding the content.

Now, time to update yourself. After  reading and implementing on this strategy you will be able to write excellent readable blog post . Seriously, i don’t know if you have noticed,  but i used this same strategy while writing this article. Good luck and happy blogging.