How to Write Effective Article in Less Time

Many blogger spent their too much time in front of computer to create a effective article or  single blog post. Really, you must need to write effective and genuine article if you are freelance writer or an article marketer.

In this article we listed few things you should do when you begin to write an article or blog post.

#1. Research before writing:

This is the first step to writing killer article. A little research before writing a article will help you to make your blog post more effective. you need to use Google adwords tool to find what people are searching for in the web. By research , you also make your article longer and genuine that people love.

#2. Make effective title:

If you want to capture the attention of readers on your blog , you need to make your blog post more effective. The title of your article must immediately communicate why the reader should go on and read the rest of the content.

Finally, include your keywords in your title in the order you have placed them as per your keyword research.

#3. Include a catchy image:

It is most important things to know images are powerful. Always include a Catchy image relevant to your article. Images grab the the readers and make them want to read your article and help to bring some traffic from Google image search.

#4. Keep short paragraphs:

If you want to finish that article in less time, try to keep it under 500 words. In the online world where reading can easily strain the eyes, it doesn’t matter if a block or paragraph contains one sentence. A paragraph should only contain one thought and its supporting sentences. Always remember “Less is More

#5. Re-read your article:

This is quite hard for me to do but every time I do it, I always find something wrong with my post. Wrong grammar, misspelled words, or unnecessary ramblings that should be trimmed. If you have written many articles and don’t have time to proof read all of them, hire a person to do the work for you.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to brilliant articles in a fraction of the time. Share some of your favourite article writing tips in the comments!