6 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Finding a perfect domain name is one of most crucial and important factor for your online success, but it is very hard and one of the frustrating process to find good domain name. There are several domain name suggestion tools available in the market and here i have listed some recommended domain name suggestion tools. These tools will help you to find available domain name and domain suggestion.

Before you use any of the following tool I highly recommend read this tutorial.

  • Killer tips to choose good domain name.

1. BustAName:

BustAName 6 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Bust a Name/DomainFriend is a tool to help you find domains and manage them. You can add multiple keywords and it jumble them and see if there is any available domain names. You can quickly add prefix and suffix which also makes it easier to find your desire domain name. It combined linguistic data with a unique interface to let you quickly search through thousands of domains and see which are available.

2. Nametumbler:

NameTumbler 6 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

It is another useful tool and simple to use. You can decide the placement of your Keyword for domain name suggestion. Separate your keyword and suggested terms by a hyphen or not.

3. Domize:

The pool of domain names is a finite resource which shrinks by hundreds of thousands each day and so it’s important to have more powerful search tools in additional to near-instant feedback.

4. Domainsbot:

DomainsBot 6 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Available domain suggestions + expired, expiring and for sale domain name search + whois lookup. Domain + Twitter + Facebook identity suggestions. It also find the domain listing from SEDO and Godaddy along with Price.

5. DomainIt:

DomainIt 6 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

DomainIt is a pioneer in the domain name industry, providing Internet users from all countries with fast and efficient means to meet all of their domain name management and web hosting needs. Search for domain name with extension .com, .cc, .TV, .net and By default adult name suggestion is off.

6. Domainr:

Domainr 6 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Domainr checks DNS to see if a domain name is available. Because different domains put information into their DNS entries in different ways, sometimes Domainr can’t know their exact availability. For example, a few domains use wildcard DNS.

Hope this article will be very helpful for you. If you know any other great tools, please share your opinion with us via comment section.