List of Facebook Shortcut Keys: Become Cool Kid on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social networking website on web having 850 million active users. There are many Facebook shortcut keys which will be help you to browse Facebook quickly.

We have already discussed about Facebook smileys, Using in chatbox and now we are going to share with you some Facebook shortcuts keys. These shortcuts are based on what browser and operating system you are using.

Facebook Shortcut Keys:

Home page – alt + 1

Profile page – alt + 2

Friend request – alt + 3

Go to message – alt + 4

Notifications – alt + 5

Account settings – alt + 6

Privacy settings – alt + 7

Go to Facebook page – alt + 8

See term & condition of Facebook – alt + 9

Facebook help centre – alt + 0

Go to search box – alt + /

Send a message – alt + m

I hope it was useful for you. To use these Facebook shortcuts on Firefox you need to use the Shift key with the shortcuts.