How to Make your WordPress Permalink Seo friendly

Permalink are the permanent URL to your individual blog posts, categories as well as other list of weblog posting. When you install a fresh copy of WordPress , it comes with default setting. But wordpress permalink by default is not the most search engine friendly. As default wordpress permalink is like it is short but not user friendly. In this tutorial i will show you how to make your wordpress permalink seo-friendly.

Let’s start:

As we consider above , WordPress uses a simple numeric variable structure that looks like this:

It’s not pretty nor does it tell you what the post or page is actually about.

Step 1: Open the permalink option page.

Login to wordpress and go on Dashboard >> setting >> permalinks

permalink How to Make your WordPress Permalink Seo friendly

Step 2: Now choose the last option custom structure, from the list of common setting.

permalink thumb How to Make your WordPress Permalink Seo friendly

There are many ways a permalinks can be organized. WordPress gives a few options which you can see at two, three, and four. But those are not the best option in our opinion.

We recommended


This is the most resource intensive custom permalink structure.

or if someone wants a completely static site, then they can use the version below.


Step 3: Now click on Save button.

By using that documentation your URL structure will be keyword rich as it will contain the keyword of the category and the title. Like the one below:

That’s it. You permalinks setting is change, it is more SEO friendly and reader friendly also. all the link of your blog is automatically converted in new structure. Search engine and ready able to ready you title without ready whole page. It give you boost in your traffic.