The Right Time to Write

Anthony Santoro writes that now, more than ever, writers and artists need to become involved in writing and publishing their books.

For a keen amateur writer, it can be hard to put pen to paper and muster the energy to write a book from start to finish while stuck in a 9-to-5 work-rest-work schedule.

Writers are faced with more than just the rigours of day-to-day existence, too. For example, very few writers that embark on the journey of writing a book actually finish it. Of those that do complete their stories and have completed manuscripts, fewer still will publish them. Of those that do publish them, few will make a full-time career out of the craft.

But, if ever there was a time to write a book, it’s now.


You don’t need to read the newspapers to know the world is changing. Whether that change is for the better or worse is the subject of heated debate among the ‘experts’. But the argumentative to-ing and fro-ing of the learned equates only an uncertain future for the everyday person.

Conspiracy theorists love this kind of rhetoric. A threatened future full off uncertainty is their bread and butter and maybe current events support their claims. Just this year we have been reminded of the economic crisis more than ever. Mainstream media have been obsessed with it so, naturally, it’s been hard to miss.

But the global financial conundrums are only the beginning of the forecasted woes. There’s Al Gore and climate change, Alex Jones and the New World Order, Dan Brown and the Vatican. Then there’s terrorism, nukes, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, the US…all more bad news.

The ‘facts’, as we receive them, are obscured by the politicising of events and then the left or rightwing stance of the media who report them. Only the prudent observer will know that what they hear or read about is unlikely to be what really happened but a reconstituted representation of the truth to further the aims of one or the other side.

The more worrisome the information that permeates the global information highways, regardless of its truth, and the more people believe it, the more unstable the environment will become. The globe may not be warming up, the economies may not be in recession…but if everyone believes it is the case, it becomes truth.

Creativity and Change

Personally, I’m not one for accepting a ‘bad future’ just because I’m told to, so this seems like a good time for a new change – a creative one. Where creative writing and art are concerned, this is the time. In fact, it needs to be the time for change or life is going to become rather uncomfortable if all the predictions about rising seas and social upheaval come true. It’s a good time for a change and it’s the creative folk who have to be behind it.

If you ever wanted to be a writer then now, more than ever, is the time to do it. Artists are not called the ‘movers and shakers’ for nothing. Artists, writers and musicians create their art from their ideas and an idea is the most powerful thing in the universe. Ideas create the future, ideas created the past, ideas solve problems.

Ideas are most powerful when the civilisation is on its knees. Coincidentally, this will also be when the civilisation most desperately needs them. Our current civilisation is no exception.

It is not just coincidence that great artwork has emerged from deeply depressing or distressing eras. From the depression came brilliant fantasy and sci-fi; rock ‘n’ roll and Elvis came soon after the Second World War; Vietnam heralded Hendrix, The Doors, Dylan, The Stones, Warhol and many others.

The times, back then, were challenging and now, they are again. The current environment has presented the creative types among us with a very real opportunity to improve our culture by the provision of good works of art.

As writers, the orators of our time, we are at the frontline.

People want answers, they want to know why? and the answers are not being provided by the politicians or the even the financial gurus or the ‘experts’ who for eons have all seemed to predict bad things that eventually happened.  But an expert isn’t someone who tells you the house will burn down after it is ablaze

The future is created from people’s present time prospects, goals, purposes and ideas for the future. The future is for each of us to make.

If there’s anything at all that history has taught us it’s that ordinary people create the future. Writers are no different, except for the fact that they express their ideas with ink upon paper.

This is your opportunity to make a change: why not write about it? Now!

Here’s a challenge: Decide to write and finish your book this year. It’s tough ask, definitely. But it is possible. Why not decide to get it published, too?

Even if your writing only affects one person, you have still made a difference.

And, get busy, too. It’s nearly May.