7 Amazing Destinations That Are Perfect For Women Traveling Alone

It is great to know that, nowadays, we women can travel as much as we want and can afford by ourselves. There is no need to ask for approval or companion as it used to be before.

Still, many of us will feel unsafe in certain locations, as not all countries are on the same page when it comes to women rights. Others seem to be, but not really when it comes to practice.

So if you are planning a trip on your own, and want to know which are the most amazing destinations that are perfect for women traveling alone, here is a list of x options for you. read more

Organizing Lesson Plans for k-6 grade

Social studies is not really an enjoyable subject and actually not for elementary school students! Studying dates and facts and recalling names of kings, queens, cities and towns and so on isn’t something young children would typically wish to do. However, it’s really important for the future leaders to find out about their history, culture and the working of society and the globe. The best thing a teacher can do to make certain that youngsters like the topic is to come up with social studies lesson plans that include certain established strategies to make the subject more engaging. read more

How to Configure Facebook Insights For your WordPress Blog

Do you know? More than 15,000 new website integrated with Facebook everyday by using Facebook insights. Facebook insights is one of the useful tool for every webmaster. However many websites that we can see are not taking full advantage of what Facebook has to offer.

By using facebook insights you can get detailed information of your website like who is your demographic audience and their location. These insights include detail such as your popular page for the like button, organic share via facebook, send button, comment box etc. In this article, we will share you how to configure facebook insight for your wordpress blog. read more

How to Make your WordPress Permalink Seo friendly

Permalink are the permanent URL to your individual blog posts, categories as well as other list of weblog posting. When you install a fresh copy of WordPress , it comes with default setting. But wordpress permalink by default is not the most search engine friendly. As default wordpress permalink is like http://yourdomain.com/p=123 it is short but not user friendly. In this tutorial i will show you how to make your wordpress permalink seo-friendly.

Let’s start:

As we consider above , WordPress uses a simple numeric variable structure that looks like this: read more

Protect Your Blog Post From Content Thieves

As a full time blogger and Technology writer , I know very well it is very hard to write any useful article for our readers. Copying blog content without permission has become very common problem now a day. This is illegal.

Due to this activity duplicate content may be totally affect the SEO performance of our blog.

Here comes the significance of CopyGator. It is very useful tool to simply know who has copied your content.

protect your blog with copygator Protect Your Blog Post From Content Thieves

How does CopyGator work

The CopyGator service aggregate the data from over two million blog feeds. CopyGator servers crunch all the data and evaluate every post against each other and determine if any two are roughly, nearly or exactly alike. You can also create a CopyGator badge on your blog. read more