College Stress: What Parents Should Know About Student Depression

College students are usually under a lot of stress. They face overwhelming challenges, pressures, and anxieties. This is pretty common especially for those college-bound kids transitioning from high school to college. They need ample time to adapt to their new environment and changing schedules. They might feel homesick at times as they adjust to having roommates, making new friends, and trying to belong to a group.

Dealing with all these changes in addition to the pressure of juggling academic workload is the main stressors that can cause depression. According to the American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment, the rate of students diagnosed with depression is increasing. There were 22,000 students questioned at 48 schools and the result of the survey showed 36% of the students had difficulty functioning in school because they were so depressed. read more

Buyers guide for personal loans

If you are shopping for a personal loan then refer the guide for personal loans as this will help you by informing you all you need to know about the personal loan. These personal loan guides will help you with tips and suggestions about the ideal personal loans, and will also guide you to get them fast. A personal loan guide is an essential tool that is written by experts in the field of personal loans, these guides are easily available online. If you need a loan for long term or  a short term, if you are unable to decide the type of interest rate(fixed or floating) or if  you are confused between secured and unsecured personal loans these guides will work on your behalf and offer the exact type of service that you are looking for. read more

How Student Loans Can Ease Your Financial Burden

Student life can be hard, especially if you have limited funds for your college tuition. This is an issue many new and old students alike face. Finance increases the burden that so many students are already facing by just being in college or university.

Many organizations, especially the government understand the dilemma with which students are confronted. Getting proper finance to further your educational goals is essential. It is also beneficial for the country as a whole, as educated individuals are required to run a prosperous country. read more

The Need To Teach Creativity

I’m reading a book by Seth Godin – Linchpin: Are you Indespensable? While I’m only at the beginning of the book, I’ve begun to be struck by the content held within. Godin discusses how we’ve seen the “traditional” idea of what a job is disappear. No longer is college an option if you want to have a fighting chance in today’s struggling, high-risk economy. Although likewise, it’s easier now than ever in history to be successful without a college degree, as seen by many corporate titans of today’s world: read more

Organizing Lesson Plans for k-6 grade

Social studies is not really an enjoyable subject and actually not for elementary school students! Studying dates and facts and recalling names of kings, queens, cities and towns and so on isn’t something young children would typically wish to do. However, it’s really important for the future leaders to find out about their history, culture and the working of society and the globe. The best thing a teacher can do to make certain that youngsters like the topic is to come up with social studies lesson plans that include certain established strategies to make the subject more engaging. read more